Sunday, February 17, 2008

IggyPalooza - part trois! Iggy goes to Legoland!

I had two delightful surprises waiting for me when I arrived in California last month to begin my book tour for IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT.
First was a beautiful bouquet from my family! I have the best family. Thank you, Wonderful Family. You really made my day!

The second delightful surprise awaiting me was a beautiful box from my publicist filled with advanced reader copies of my first novel, CICADA SUMMER!

CICADA SUMMER comes out in May and I can't wait! You can find a review from the Publishers Weekly Shelftalker and another at Welcome to my Tweendom!

And then, there was Legoland!
What can I say about Legoland except that I LOVE IT! Where else can you find a 5 foot tall statue of Spongebob Squarepants made entirely from Legos?

I mean, really! Spongebob and Legos. It's the perfect pairing. Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Hey! You got Legos in my Squarepants! Hey! You got Squarepants in my Legos! Happiness ensues.

I would love to work at Legoland. Partly because I would smile every time I saw Albert Einstein immortalized in plastic. (I think Al would approve.)

Even more, I would love working with so many great people. EVERYONE I met at Legoland was wonderful.
Here's a picture of Lynn Crockett, the Education Manager at Legoland California.

Lynn is the force behind many great educational events at Legoland, including the Beginner Book Club in which students K-2 can visit the park, read books and meet an author. Then, they hit the roller coasters!

Might I just take one moment to emphasize how such a field trip compares to the ones I had as a kid? I think I can do so in three little words: Sewage Treatment Plant.

Not to say that a visit to the Pooh Factory isn't an educational experience unto itself. It was, in fact, a cornucopia of adventure for all the senses! But try as it might, it would not make a good theme park. 'Nuff said.

The event was a blast. It began with Construction Man Dan (played by actor Jaysen Weller) building giant Lego towers with the kids from the audience. Then, I read Iggy while the kids read from a gigantic projection of the book's images behind me. (Special thanks to Mercedes who produced the event and everyone who helped make it a big success!)

After the Beginner Book Club, I got to run around the park a little and take some pictures of Lego creations that would surely make Iggy's heart sing! Thanks Legoland!