Friday, February 1, 2008

IggyPalooza Part 1

It seems that there are lots of Paloozas these days. Rockapalooza. Pirate-palooza. Paloozapalooza. Well, last week, there was Iggypalooza! My first book tour, ever!

I left home with a sub-zero wind chill and 6 inches of snow on the way. Then I landed in California and instantly knew I wasn't in Kansas (or Chicago) anymore. It seems that in California, oranges grow on strange arboreal plants instead of cans in the freezer section of the grocery store. Who knew?

First stop: The Frugal Frigate in Redlands, California.

I knew I had found new friends when I walked into this truly wonderful bookshop and met Brad and Jana Hundman. Their energy and passion for kids and books -- and especially for Iggy was amazing.

(Brad, Me and Jana: Notice the Big Bad Wolf ears and schnoz I am adorning. It's actually part of a cool mural painted by one of their lovely daughters, Taylor or Laura. Sorry, can't remember which one! Blame my lack of memory from the sugar coma produced by the lovely gift basket of snacks and chocolate! Shown here as Brad's head.

I appreciated the snacks very much over the next couple of days while tooling around the state. Thanks!!!

I spent the whole day at the Frugal Frigate, chatting with customers and signing books and reading to kids. It was a beautiful way to spend the day. Thanks Frugal Frigate! Can't wait to come back to see you again!

More later about IggyPalooza!


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