Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Young Architects!

Wow! I have been so sleepy lately. And I finally figured out why! There was kryptonite in my pillow! Case closed!

Recently, I received some very cool pictures from a young architect named Carsten. In true Iggy style, Carsten & Company have created some fantastic buildings with plastic & paper cups and scraps of wood. Check them out!!!

The next one is my favorite. Check out the interior designs. Beautiful!

Thank you, Carsten & your lovely mom who sent me these pictures!

I really love hearing from the many folks who are connecting with Iggy. Maybe we should have a "Friends of Iggy" club. Though it would be Iggy Peck.

And not this one:


lbray said...

*snicker* Iggy Pop, Punk Architect.

Those photos are cool, Miz B. And you look SO FOXY in your Superman outfit. Ooooh!


Andrea Beaty said...

Foxy AND faster than a speeding bullet!
Oh yeah.

Ann Angel said...

Lovely blog and lovely Superman....er, ah, woman.

Andrea Beaty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea Beaty said...

Thanks Ann! Glad you stopped by. I have an extra copy of the Daily Planet in the back if you need something to read!

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