Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Little Doctor Who for you!

I have a secret to confess. It's a little known fact that I am rather a nerd. Okay, who am I kidding? It's a well-known fact! Mostly, I am a book nerd. I love the touch, smell and sound of books. I love pretty much everything about them.

But my nerdiness does not stop there. It extends this way and that into other realms. And my most recent nerd crush is on Doctor Who. Actually, this is a very old nerd crush. I was a big fan of the Doctor back when he was flying about the universe wearing a natty scarf and looking a lot like actor Tom Baker.

These days, the Doctor has a new face, new (and much improved) special effects, and looks a lot like David Tennant.

I know that quite a few of my friends are also fans of Doctor Who and thought I'd post this little bit for them while they wait for the new season to begin. Enjoy!